Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tiptoe through the tulips

I've mentioned that the weather here has been unusually warm. You may also remember me talking about the annual Tulip Time Festival that takes place near us in Holland, Michigan.
This Festival is always around the second week of May and the tulips are usually all blooming at that time.
This year the tulips are way ahead of schedule, because of the warm weather. I heard newscasters saying that people should go to see the tulips now, then come back later for the Tulip Time Festival.
When Andy was home for the weekend, and we were watching Alaina, we decided to go to eat in Holland and check out the tulips. Here's a few pictures, showing how pretty it is right now!

It's amazing to see fields of tulips, in varying colors.

Isn't this a pretty variety?

Here's a few dutch folks we ran into!
Heather, Andy, Alaina

I was trying to get a picture of Alaina in front of the flowers, but she didn't like that idea, so we let her sit with Grandpa for the picture.


Brenda said...

If there were no cars in the background, it would almost look like Grandpa and Alaina were on a set.

Kalli said...

YEAH Tulip Time! I live in Holland and the tulips are out. Some are done already but there are some that still have to bloom. I also dutch dance the week of Tulip Time. We will be bringing Mallorie down next week with her costume for pictures. I am glad you got to come and see them, they are pretty! I love this time of year!

Beth said...

Beautiful tulips--there's nothing quite like them in spring.
I have always wanted to see the tuiips in Holland, Michigan, but am not a big fan of festival crowds. Maybe when I'm retired and don't have the stress of teaching teen-age kids, I'll take on the festival.;>)
I wonder if all the festival people are stressing---hopefully the tourists will be nice and enjoy the festival regardless of how many tulips are blooming.
Great photos of your family---that one of Alaina with Grandpa is precious.

Hootin' Anni said...

The tulips are pretty...indeed....but you know what's coming next, now, don't you? Alaina is the prettiest!!! [that photo is one that should be enlarged and hanging on a wall, framed!!!]

I have an award waiting for you

Have a great day.

Hootin' Anni said...

ps....I totally understand your thoughts on awards for a blog, like I said, if you don't 'do' awards that's perfectly alright. Just know you're being thought of.

Betty W said...

Love love tulips and their vivid colors! I wish they would grow over here.
Great pics!

Sharon said...

Oh what beauty!!! I wish I lived close to go see them.
Your photo of Gd and hubs is so cute and what a great background.
Mine were pretty but now the frost and wind have ruined them.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

How wonderful it is that you get to experience a real 'Holland' festival with all those beautiful tulips!

Those pictures are just amazin'!

God bless ya and have yourself a glorious weekend.

I have 'roses' at my place along with a magical miracle!!! :O)

D said...

Beautiful! I look foreward to being able to grow tulips in the new state we're moving to.

Brooke said...


have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these awesome photos. Hubby grew up near Holland and I've heard so much about the tulips!

Dena said...

shew - i was just about to say - enough with the tulips give me some pictures but then there they were my beautiful family!!!

Dena said...

did andy shave? he was looking SO grown up (not that he isn't but you know what i mean)

Connie Arnold said...

Thank you for sharing the beautiful tulips. Happy spring!

Jean said...

Oh my goodness! The tulips are incredible! And those people in your pictures are pretty incredible too! I love the shot of Alaina and Grandpa!

Laura said...

Such cute pictures! Looks like you all had fun.

Jenny said...

So charming! And Bob fairly glows with that little girl in his arms. Precious.