Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cooking Thursday

Sandra is hosting Cooking Thursday again. Stop over at her place to see what other recipes are being shared!
I've got a recipe for a quick lunch or supper using crescent rolls. (Sorry about the poor picture.)

String Cheese Pizza Roll-ups

8 ounce package crescent rolls
4 pieces mozzarella string cheese, cut in half
pepperoni or thinly sliced ham pieces
garlic salt
italian seasoning
pizza sauce for dipping

Unroll crescents into 8 individual pieces. Sprinkle each piece with garlic salt and italian seasoning.
Lay pepperoni or ham on each triangle.
Lay string cheese over meat and roll up crescent.
Sprinkle a little more garlic salt and italian seasoning over top.
Bake according to instructions on crescent roll, until lightly browned.
Serve with pizza sauce for dipping.


Unknown said...

I wonder how many Weight Watcher points those are??

Beth said...

Looks delicious. The grandkids would enjoy making these and eating them. I'll have to try that some weekend when I'm babysitting.

Pat said...

sounds yummy!
I made your recipe for "best bread" and I wanted to let you know it was great! So fast and easy and it tastes so good. I'm going to freeze a loaf and see how it does, and if it does as well as I imagine, I want to make several more for the freezer.
Thanks for all your wonderful recipes!

Brooke said...

a recipe right up my alley. bookmarked!

Cheri said...

They look delicious!

Momma Roar said...

Wheeee! These look great AND I have everything to make them as a quick dinner before soccer practice!

Thank you!! I know the kids will love these!

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh lordy....Mari, you always share such 'goodies'. And tempting!! Now, you may not know this, but pepperoni is a favorite of mine. So, I will most definitely be makin' 'em. Tout suite.

Saija said...

now i should really start a little file with all these good ideas! you know i hardly ever cook anymore because the good smells of something in the oven don't mesh with leo's stomach anymore ... but this one might be quick enough to even get by his finicky problems!