Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cooking Thursday

I'm sure you've all had Snicker Salad, the one with apples, nuts and pieces of Snickers candy bars in it. I just found a recipe for a healthy version of it. No nuts or Snickers in this one, but it's really good!
For more recipes, visit Sandra at Diary of a SAHM.

Taffy Apple Salad

2 boxes instant sugar free butterscotch pudding (4 serving size)
3 cups skim milk
1 container fat free Cool Whip, thawed
5 large, tart, crisp apples

Mix pudding mix and milk together, then stir in Cool Whip.
Core Apples and cut into chunks. Stir into pudding mix.
Refrigerate for several hours before serving.

*Makes 10 servings; 123 calories each.


Brenda said...

I've never heard of Snickers salad. Interesting tho'! Looks good.

Pat said...

I have to make sounds so good!

Nezzy said...

Oh I have my sweet DIL, The Latin Lovin' Hillbilly make this each year for Christmas. The 'real' deal I'm talkin' about.

The Taffy Apple Salad sounds divine sweetie!

God bless ya and have a remarkable day!!! :o)

Sue O said...

You Americans are hilarious. Snickers Salad? Seriously? And the Taffy apple is a definite dessert. I'm afraid that I would make it with full-fat-and-sugar everything, though.
I've embraced most things American in my 30+ years here, but I've never quite gotten the "dessert as salad" concept under my belt!
P.S. I love America. You know I do!

Sue O said...

Rats, I looked at this post before I saw the news about your baby. Now begin your best days! Congratulations on a beautiful babe. And she doesn't look very overdue to me.

Yolanda said...

Looks yummy and so happy for your new addition to your family.

Christina said...

I love this and only 123 calories, what could be better.