Thursday, September 10, 2009

Going Home!

Vacation time has come to an end. It's been wonderful, but it's always good to go home!
Here are Bob and Andy, sitting and talking on the last morning. Those last days are always hard, because you know the good bye is coming. I always end up crying, and then feel bad for doing that to Andy.
Anyway, we said our good byes and got on the road. We had decided to take a different way home, going through Kansas and Missouri, so we could stop at St Louis and see the Arch.
Kansas was a long and flat state to drive through and we ended up getting a hotel in Kansas City that night.
The next day we made it to St Louis and saw the Arch.

These pictures don't do it justice. The size is amazing. We didn't go up in it, because we had a long way to drive yet and were happy to just see it.

On one side of the arch is the Mississippi River. We had to go and touch it!
On the edge of the river is this statue of Lewis and Clark, returning from their expedition.

I love the architecture of this old bridge.

Here is a larger view of that old bridge, with a newer one behind it.
Then it was back on the road! We made it home about 10:30 on Sunday night.

A few statistics:
It took 19 hours to get there, 21 hours to get home.
We drove over 3,000 miles.
The most expensive gas was in Nebraska at $2.90
The least expensive gas was in St Louis at $2.36
We drove through Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri.
We saw so many beautiful things and really enjoyed our time together!

I want to share a verse from the prayer trail at the cabin, that sums up our time. Being in the mountains really makes a person feel small and insignificant. It reinforces awe, that we have a God who created all this and still cares about little us!
"When I consider the heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and stars that you have ordained. What is man that you are mindful of him and the son of man that you visit him?"
Psalm 8:3-4


A Captured Reflection said...

I have loved your holiday journey. It must have been very hard to say goodbye. The scenery is beautiful and it must have been very special driving through all those States. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Love the verse!

Oh, you were in our old neck of the woods. We lived just on the other side of the river in Illinois for six years! We always thought after Virginia that we would end up back there. And now look, we are just a few hours from you in Michigan and loving it. God had other plans.

We went up in the Arch one time when one of my cousin's daughters was visiting with us, but it seems like we went over there twice. Of course the stadium was right there a few blocks away so we saw it close up a lot, and there were a couple of spots driving over close to our house in Illinois that we could actually see it (I'm guessing 15 miles away, maybe 20). ALWAYS gave us chills. That place is the other love of our life and some of our dearest friends are still there. You brought back a lot of memories with this post.

Sneaky Momma said...

I'm so glad you had a great trip. I just recently learned that you can go up in the arch. How cool is that? Oh, and that bridge? Amazing!

Kim said...

I've sure enjoyed your vacation :-) Thanks for taking us along with you, vicariously through the great photos.

The Stylish House said...

Hi Mari,
I’m happy you had such a nice vacation enjoying family and the beautiful scenery. Road trips really give you the opportunity to see so many interesting spots.
I love your new blog look. I had forgotten to mention that last visit. It has the perfect autumn colors and your verses always uplift me.

Brooke said...

that bridge is gorgeous - and it'd take courage to go up in that arch!!!

Anonymous said...

I have said many of those goodbyes and it is very hard!! We were stationed outside St. Louis (Scott AFB in Illinois) and you are right, pictures do not do that arch justice! I love St. Louis. I am so glad you had a great vacation time with Andy!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

i have throughly enjoyed vacationing through you friend!

septembermom said...

Thank you for bringing us along on your vacation :) Another great set of photos! Love the verse too!

Demara said...

That's right...we ARE sure tiny to us when we think of how powerful our God is!

I think I would cry too if I had to say goodbye to my son...

Then again, I have to say goodbye every time I see my that TMI? sorry! but that's how I think it feels.

Pat said...

Beautiful trip, all the way home. It sounds like you and hubby make great traveling companions. That's the way we are too, what a joy that is.
I don't think I'd go to the top of the's that old height thing..but I would enjoy seeing it from the ground. Thanks for all the sights and memories you have shared, I've enjoyed them all!

Pat said...
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Mari said...

Been enjoying the pics...thanks for sharing. Why does it ALWAYS take longer to get home??????

Bonnie said...

I have fond memories of the Arch from my childhood. I have family in St. Louis and we often visited. Isn't it just magnificent ? We once watched fireworks on the bank of the Mississippi ...

Crown of Beauty said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful land, beautiful people!

As we remember 9 11 let us look up in hope for our redemption draws near.

I have dedicated my Sept 11 post to all my American friends.

Connie said...

Beautiful pictures. So glad you were able to enjoy your time with Andy. He'll never forget the time spend with both of you.

Cherdecor said...

I really enjoyed all your pictures of your trip. I am glad that you were able to go.

Mary said...


Amazing photos. I have seen the Mississippi and even sailed on its waters on board a paddle wheeler but have never touched it.

Did you know Louis and Clark visited Port Dover (the place where we take the boys for hotdogs and mini golf) during one of their expeditions. I will have to get a photo of the plaque.

Have been in Missouri, Indiana, Illinois and definitely loved Missouri.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful vacation. I enjoyed going along through your photos.


Anonymous said...

Mari, an older missionary lady once told me I was wrong for crying so hard when I let my daughter go at the airport each time we sent her back to Texas. I later talked with Lindsey about it and she said, "NO WAY! I understand you love me and I love you, too." It's fine if you cry. Lindsey usually doesn't cry when we say goodbye, but I weep. I decided then and there that if the tears flowed it was okay. My kids have the right to always know that they are loved and missed. They know I will "dry up" and smile again. There's nothing wrong with the tears of a mom. I'm sure Andy would feel the same.

As for the missed nothing but fear. Take my word for it!

Julieann said...

Loved the pictures. I also agree with that is always nice to return home, even though goodbyes are hard. I actually saw the Arch in real life too--it is awesome!

Happy Saturday and Happy Housework.


Can you beleive it is almost time to start holiday baking, pretty soon we will be making those cute little chocolate pretzels you taught me how to make. It sure was a big hit in Blog land.

Sarah Dawn said...

Yours is a beautiful corner of the world! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Sarah Dawn

Sandy Toes said...

What great pictures!
I love the look of your blog!
sandy toe

Melinda said...

That's one of my favorite verses! Please stop by Shore's End for an important update and prayer request when you can.

Rebekah said...

Thats a great scripture. During problems I always try to think of how God takes care of the birds- surely He will take care of me

Crown of Beauty said...

I'm back on this post to re read it and enjoy what you have said, letting the words sink in.

Eight states... and having time together just you and your husband. ... and God.

Your summer vacation was worth all the effort Mari.

I love what you said about feeling small and insignificant compared to a majestic mountain. Yet the verse you quoted at the end sums it up so beautifully.

There was something so moving, so heart stirring in the way you ended this post. As if I could almost feel your heart.


jenniferw said...

As usual your pictures are wondrous and so full of emotion! I love the way you see things thru your camera. Our son spent six weeks receiving specialized traning at Offutt AFB in Omaha, Nebraska, this summer. One weekend he drove to St. Louis to spend a day with his girlfriend and her parents. They went up in the arch and he called me as soon as they got back to the ground. He was so impressed by the wonders of St. Louis! I was happy for him and I'm happy for you!

Lynn said...

Beautiful pictures, and I love how this verse brings it all together.