Thursday, June 11, 2015

Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Carrie, of Northwoods Scrapbook.  This is usually an award free blog, but since this one is more of a fun meme, I decided to do this, although I will be breaking a few of the rules by not passing it on!  I was supposed to pass it to 7-10 other bloggers, but I hate that part of it.  I always feel I'm going to leave someone out.  :(
Before I go on, I need to thank Carrie for thinking of me!  Carrie is a fairly new blogger, and I enjoy her posts sharing the beautiful area she lives in - which is on the other side of Lake Michigan from me.  She's a sweetheart, and often shares things she is doing with and for her MIL whom she helps care for.  She also shares some of her wonderful scrapbook layouts.
One rule I am following is to answer 10 questions that Carrie listed for me, so here goes!

1. What are some of your favorite hobbies?
I love photography.  Wandering around with a camera is so much fun.  I've also been enjoying Digital Scrapbooking.
2. Why did you begin blogging? How long do you think you'll continue?
I've been blogging for 8 years!  It's hard to believe.  Sometimes I think about quitting, but I keep it up because I've met so many wonderful people through doing this.  I have also found it's a good things to look back at and see what was happening at a certain time.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live and why?
I would live right where I do.  Most of our family members are nearby which is very important to me.  It's also beautiful!  I do get sick of the snow in the winter, but it really makes me appreciate the other 3 seasons so much more. 
4.Do you have pets? How many?
We have had several pets - fish, dwarf hamsters, a dog and several cats.  Our last cat, Oliver left with Heather when she got married.  I really do miss him, but then I think about the cat hair and the occasional cat barf, I decide that time is done for us.
5. What are your favorite foods? Do you do the cooking?
I do almost all of the cooking over here.  Bob does the grilling and he makes some mean pancakes and omelets.  Some of my favorite foods to make are desserts and other goodies - and that's not good!
6. What is the best lesson you've ever learned?
Don't wish your life away.  Enjoy each day, because time passes quickly and our kids, grandkids... grow up so fast!  Time spent with our loved ones needs to be cherished.
7. If you could do any profession what would it be?
I'm a nurse.  Growing up, I always wanted to be a nurse and a mom, and I was blessed to be both.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Although there are hard days, I love my job!
8. Would you rather travel to the past or go forward to the future and why?
Going forward doesn't appeal to me.  I don't need to know the future.  I would love to go back a few decades and spend time holding and playing with my kids.
9. Do you prefer snail mail or email to send letters to friends or family?
Getting a letter through snail mail is such a treat!  If I'm sending something, it's usually a card with a note.  I use e-mail for short questions or passing information.
10. You're shipwrecked on an island what one thing would you have to have with you?
In thinking about what one thing I could use over and over, I would have to say my Bible.  Unlike other books, I can get new insight from a verse every time I read it.  It can give comfort, calm, bring joy, and praise! 
If any of you are interested, feel free to grab this award and answer the questions.  Thanks Carrie!


Anonymous said...

Congrats and this was fun to read. I hope you will enjoy the upcoming weekend.

Terra said...

I agree with you about your answer to number ten. I grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan, in Wisconsin. Our home overlooked the lake and it was a pleasure to see it in its changing moods, each day.

Weekend-Windup said...

Enjoyed reading about your interest, taste and you...

Simply Linda said...

Congrats. It is always nice to read/learn more about you. Blessings


My mother was the same with her bible. I inherited it when she passed and have it on my family wall along with her wedding rings. She found comfort in her book fact, many times during the day/night. You brought tears to my eyes when I read your last answer.

Yes, family is the one thing in life that is constant. You can't take that away. As for your answer to #6...going back to hug our kids as they were children would be something I'd really enjoy too. As as for Oliver...don't forget the litter box. Ugh!!! [wink]

Betsy Brock said...

Very fun! I'd love to step back in time and cuddle my babies again, too!

Linda E said...

Loved your answers and mine would be very similar. Family is everything. The Bible is the best book, and can be read over and over, and something new will pop out. Being a nurse gives you a feeling of care and concern. It is a hard job, but well worth it. Hope your Friday is a good one!

Stephanie said...

This was so much fun to read, Mari. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you :) Wow, you have been blogging for 8 years! I am so glad you have kept at are such a precious and sweet lady.

Happy weekend! Hugs!

Brooke said...

totally agree with you. i love the excitement of getting a card/letter via snail mail.

Carrie B. said...

Thanks so much for participating Mari!! I love your answers and relate to many about where we live (other than getting sick of the snow - Lol), and loving real letters and cards in the mail.

I never thought of the bible for the island answer - but love that!! Excellent answer!

I had no idea you had so many pets! Really fun to learn more about you.
Thanks again and I'm so glad you continue blogging!! I hope I can claim 8 years one day and have fun looking back.

Sally said...

Congratulations, Mari!

Loved all your answers; it's such a blessing you live near family, and most of the time love your job. We need nurses like you! :)


Amy at love made my home said...

Great to learn some more about you Mari, it is lovely that you played along and answered Carrie's questions! xx

Patsy said...

There is so much more to us in blog land, just love getting to know you better.

Terri D said...

Good questions and thoughtful answers, Mari! I will have to look for your new friend's blog.

Beth said...

I enjoyed reading your answers to the ten questions. I like living where I am also although Dallas would be tempting as my daughter and her family live there. However I like Ohio's seasons.
I am officially retired from teaching as of June 1st! I'm loving it. I'm going to try and keep a regular blog account of retirement.
Congrats on the award!

Jenny said...

Dwarf Hamsters? Have we seen them little fellers? Maybe crank up that camera and take a pic or two for us. xoxo

Sola Scriptura said...

Your digital scrapbooking sounds like much fun! I'll have to investigate this hobby.

White Lace and Promises said...

This is fun! I think I could have answered alot of the questions about you just from having spent some time in blogland with you over the past two years. I love that we are friends and that's one of the reasons I too always come back to blogging.

Jennifer said...

It was nice to read more about you, Mari. I like knowing that you always wanted to be a nurse and a mom and that you've been happy to be able to do both. I'm the same way. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher and a mom. I was a teacher for several years before I had my first baby and now I'm "just" a mom, but it's what I always wanted so I'm happy. :)