Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Report and a birthday!

Hope all of you had a nice weekend!  Mine started on Friday, when I woke up with one eye swollen, draining and painful.  :(
So, I was off to the Dr, was diagnosed with an eye infection and given a prescription for antibiotic eye drops and steroid eye drops, with instructions to call if things weren't better by Sunday.  She was concerned about how quickly this came on, combined with an infection close to the brain and didn't want to take chances.  (Me either!)
On Saturday, the outer part of my eye seemed better, but the actual white of it was swollen, and not too comfortable and on Sunday the whole thing started getting more painful again.  I called the Dr and am now on oral antibiotics as well, and I'm hoping things will soon be back to normal.

Saturday night we had a little adventure with our cat Oliver.  Bob had just gone to bed and I was trying to finish something up when I heard a bumping sound.  I thought he had gotten closed into a room and was trying to get out.  I asked Bob if he had been in the bedroom with him, and he then got up to help me look.  A while back, you may remember that Oliver had gone into a heating vent when we were working on our bedroom.  We are currently painting another room and the register is off.  We keep the door closed, but there was that fear that maybe he snuck in while we were in the room and had gone into the vent again.  We went downstairs, checked the ductwork, looked everywhere in the house that we thought was a possible spot and couldn't find him.   Bob was ready to open the ductwork but we didn't know where to begin.  We started opening doors again, and then Bob found him.  He was in a cabinet under the bathroom sink!  He must have snuck in while I was in the shower and was stuck when I shut the doors and left.
Here he is after we found him - he doesn't appear too concerned!  It was now midnight, and we all headed to bed!

Monday is a special day at our house.  It's Bob's birthday!  He's working and then has a meeting at church, so we'll be celebrating later.    Our family is blessed to have such a wonderful husband, Dad and Grandpa.  Happy Birthday Bob!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday wishes to Bob.

So happy Oliver is ok. Cats are so fast and they can really worry us when they disappear.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I also pray that your eye will begin to heal on the new medicine.

Justabeachkat said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your eye infection. Not fun! I've had a few myself over the years. Cutie Pie Oliver likes to keep you on your toes. LOL

Happy Birthday to your hubby!


Linda said...

Yikes, I hope your eye infection clears up soon. Will keep you in prayer. Happy Birthday Bob!!! Blessings

Betsy Brock said...

Happy Birthday, Bob!

Oliver sounds like my cats...usually it's a closet they get shut into. They don't want out right away and it's much later that they start banging. haha. So glad you didn't have to open the duct work!

Hope your eye gets better! That sounds a little scary!

Ceil said...

HI Mari! Happy Birthday to Bob! My husband's birthday was at the end of May, and his got postponed too. Well, it's a way to extending the festivities!
Your adventure with the cat had a happy ending, thank God! He did look absolutely unconcerned, didn't he. Well, he's lucky to have such a good mommy and daddy!

I hope your eye gets better soon. That sounds very painful. I would imagine your eyesight was involved too...did bright lights bother you? I wonder where you got this.. maybe work? Well, I'm sure the antibiotics will help a lot.
Blessings to you!

Erika Jean said...

Cats always seem to find trouble! Hope you eye gets better!!

Sola Scriptura said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your eye! I hope it is all better soon. I'm glad your cat adventure ended well. Happy Birthday to Bob!

LL Cool Joe said...

Blimey I thought that was going to be a naked shot of you with Oliver at first! Ha! I'm glad he was okay.

Sorry to hear about your eye, I know all about eye infections and my stye is very slowly healing having had it for 9 months now! I hope yours gets better very soon.

Unknown said...

Sure hope your eye infection clears quickly. When I was still working, I worked in an eye center of our largest hospital, and have seen that on a daily basis. Good that you called and went to dr. early. Glad your found Mr. Oliver and hope Bob has a very happy birthday.

Cheri said...

Sorry to hear your eye started getting worse again. Hopefully it's better this morning! So glad you found Oliver ok- he's a sneaky little weasel :)

Cheri said...

Sorry to hear your eye started getting worse again. Hopefully it's better this morning! So glad you found Oliver ok- he's a sneaky little weasel :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Happy Birthday Bob!!! Enjoy your day and late celebration when time comes.

As for Oliver...his photo says it all "Finally, I didn't care much, but was getting a bit concerned there were no kibbles in the cupboard."

And your eye infection!!! Pray it's all improving today. And nothing seriously wrong.

Beth said...

Cats keep things interesting for sure. Scruffy often gets stuck in Mike's walk-in-closet---we never think to make sure she's out because we never saw her go in!

He looks adorable in that picture and totally unconcerned that you all are up late.
A Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Beth said...

Sorry about the eye---I seem to have more problems with them now that I'm older---just like my mom. Here's to a speedy recovery! :>)

Patsy said...

And many, many more for you Bob!
Hope the eye is much better today.
Hugs to you both.

Beth Cotell said...

Happy Birthday, Bob!!! And I hope your eye feels better!

Terri D said...

Happy birthday to Bob!! Wishing him a great day and year ahead!

So sorry about your eye infection! I've never heard of that before. Pink eye, and a sty are all I have experience with. Sure hope you are better today! Scary stuff.

Cats can sure make you nuts when they go missing! Ours can find the tiniest hidey-hole, and they don't come when you call them. So happy he wasn't exploring through the vents again! Whew!

Jennifer Hays said...

Happy birthday to Bob! I hope your eye is all better soon. I had a very bad case of conjunctivitis a few years ago where the infection had spread to the skin of the eyelids. I could barely open my eye it was so swollen. It's amazing how bad these things can get without you even realizing it's happening.

Cherdecor said...

Oh that Oliver! And Happy Birthday to Bob. You are blessed to have such a great man!

I hope that your eye infection is completely healed up by now. I can't help but wonder what in the world caused it? I hope it is much better soon.

Brooke said...

happy {belated} birthday to bob!
hope your eye is feeling better

Jenny said...

Well mercy Mari, I sure hope your eye problem is cleared up. That's terrible. Oliver is quite the little domestic explorer but tell him to remember his Houdini skills next time and let the grownups sleep. A belated happy birthday to Bob! He's truly one of the good guys. xoxo