Monday, July 23, 2012

A little too much excitement

What a crazy morning we had Monday.
Monday is the day I work with the Dr, so I go in a little later than usual. Bob left before I did, and about 10 minutes later he called and said I might want to leave earlier than usual because there was a fire in town and the main road was backed up with fire trucks, etc.
As I was gathering my things, I got a call from my friend Nancy at work. The fire was just down the road from the nursing home, the road was blocked and I would have to park and walk in.
So - I took off, and parked at the Burger King about 5 minutes from the nursing home. I walked to the road the nursing home is on and this is what I saw:

Lots of fire trucks, police, ambulances and the tv stations, all lined up down the road.

Here is the house that was on fire, it doesn't look bad here, but the people that went through a little earlier had pictures with smoke coming out all the windows.

Several different fire departments came to assist.

Once I made it to work, I answered several phone calls from people who were concerned that the nursing home was on fire. It was crazy seeing our parking lot so empty and watching assorted staff come walking up the road.

We found out that the fire started in the attic. The family that lives there has small children, but everyone got out all right.

This is what it looked like when I left work. Lots of things were piked outside, and it looks like the roof sustained a lot of damage.
However, things can be replaced, glad the people are ok!


Nancy said...

Yes it was a bit hectic, with calls from families asking if it was the Nursing home on fire.

Anonymous said...

Thankful that no one lost their life. I know the family is devastated about the damage though.

ancient one said...

Glad there are people that come to help at times like that. Sorry you had to walk to work. Most glad that no one was hurt! Glad you had a camera. ;)

Betsy Brock said...

Wow! I bet you are glad that doesn't happen every day! Glad everyone is ok...but what a pain to have that happen to your house! Maybe tomorrow will be more boring. ha.

Jenny the Pirate said...

I'm glad they're OK too Mari! But how awful. What a day for you!

mare ball said...

Oh how scary. Fire is the worst, can damage and kill so quickly. Glad everyone is OK.

Beth said...

Wow--the roof doesn't look high enough to have an attic--probably more of a crawl space. glad it turned out well in that the people are alive and you didn't have to evacuate the nursing home. That would have been tough!

sara said...

so glad everyone in the house was ok. Fires are so scary!!

Brooke said...

looks like your emergency personal had a great response to the fire. praise God everyone is okay!

Sharon said...

Glad to hear that everyone was ok.
Fires are terrible around here also.
Our reunion was disrupted due to a canyon fire. Fires total scare me to death.

Nancy Claeys said...

How awful for the family -- but you are right. Things can be replaced, they are fortunate indeed.

EG CameraGirl said...

Very scary. I'm glad everyone was safe.

Pat said...

That's a pretty house, I'm sure the home owners though relieved no one was hurt are still feeling a lot of pain. Also glad all the fire fighters are ok.

Musicaljean said...

This reminds me of the time a neighbor started burning a huge pile of stuff in a field nearby and it got out of control. The fire company had to be called and our road was blocked. Sam was coming home and freaked out when he got to the roadblock and saw the flames, sure it was our house. He ran the half mile home, of course relieved to find it was not our house.

Fires are so devastating. When my sister Barb lived in the Lancaster County area, their big farmhouse had a terrible fire two days after we had just been there for our Christmas family gathering. So very sad.

Laura said...

Wow, the road definitely was packed! So glad they were all okay, and that it wasn't as bad as the Los Aztecas fire.

HOOTIN ANNI said... long as the people are okay, it's okay then. Material things, like you say, can be replaced.