Monday, March 12, 2012

Word Verification

How do you feel about word verification? I have never liked it and these latest changes are driving me crazy! It was bad enough trying to type in letters when you could see them, but now it's so hard to even figure out what the letters are. Then, it's very frustrating when you type them in only to find out that you didn't get it right and you have to start over!
I've read posts from several bloggers who have quit commenting if a blog has word verification. I haven't reached that point, but I have tried to leave comments and been unable to, and I have skipped commenting when I don't have much time.
I know spam has been a problem for some of you, but blogger has new methods of stopping spammers. I frequently get spam comments, but they are always stopped and left in the spam folder.

If you have word verification and would like to turn it off, here are instructions. And if you do turn it off - Thanks!!!
1. Open Dashboard
2. Click on comments
Scroll down to:
"Show word verification for comments?"
Click on no
Scroll down to Save Settings

That's it - you've made all your commenters happy!


Pat said...

I agree with you completely!
I have felt bad when I try to leave a comment and can't get the word verification right. Time is precious and sometimes I just have to move on.

Brenda said...

Yep, I posted about it also. They have made it a little 'better' if you want to call it that...they've removed the big black splotch behind the first word. Oh joy right?

Mike Golch said...

I take 2 attempts at the verication if i di not get after two that that blg does not get my comment. I hate the way blogger does word verification like stress dog if I can't eat it,play with it,I pee on it amd move on.

LL Cool Joe said...

It drives me nuts too. I do leave a comment but I have to say it really does bug me because time is precious. I don't find I have too much problem reading the letters though, maybe all those years as a graphic designer paid off after all!

Ötli said...

I agree. No verification words on my blog ;)

Kim said...

I'm another who doesn't like the word verification. It's gotten ridiculous. Sometimes there's no way to read what it, because it's so wavy or pixelated. Half the time when there's word verification I am not able to leave a comment. FRUSTRATING!

There are other options if you're having trouble with spam or unwanted commenters. I only allow registered users to comment, and that eliminated ALL the spammers.

I also prefer the pop-up window so I can still see the blog post as I comment (especially if it's a long post or has lots of photos).

And I require comment moderation on posts older than 3 days. Mainly because if someone comments on an old post, I want to know! I don't have time to go back checking, and this makes sure I don't have to.

Nancy Claeys said...

I've experienced some frustration at the new word verification, but since I likely have more time than most to devote to commenting, I usually just muddle through until I get it. I figure, I've come this far, I ain't leaving until I've finished! ;)

Brooke said...

i never had verification on my blog and didn't have a huge issue with spam. every now and again i'd have to delete something, but far less work to it than even 1 commenter having to do a verification!

the best are simple math problems, but for some of us math isn't so simple. then again there are always calculators on computers! :P


You and me both. And what's more odd is the fact that some have the word verification AND the moderation enabled. I just don't get it!!! Thing is, as you say, some say "Well, I need the word verification 'cause I've been heavily spammed"....I say "Ummmmm, there IS such a thing as moderation". Same concept. And MUCH easier on the visitor. They don't realize that the visitor will turn away quickly.

Betty WSch. said...

This is so good I¨m going to copy it, ok? Totally agree!

Leslie Payne said...

Love this as the blog I read prior to this one was giving me a verification fit. I'm already terribly nearsighted and at 50 years old, everything seems printed too small these days. LOL And now I'll go check my own blog as I can't even remember if I have this.

Susan said...

I soooo agree! I have turned it off on mine and wish everyone else would turn it off on theirs.

Sharon said...

I agree with you totally. I stopped mine also.
It always takes so much time to post a comment for sure.

Gloria said...

I hate the word verification and when you fail, all again!

Sue O said...

I agree. WV never used to bother me, in fact I had it on my comments because of spam, but I can hardly understand it any more. I took it off my blog and have had very little spam since. It's easy enough to remove anyway.

Leslie Payne said...

Spring is already here in my corner of the world. Unfortunately, so is the pollen.

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

THANK YOU !! I now have my word verification turned OFF ! :)

And I truly appreciated on your comments on the issue - even though I had not yet read them when I wrote "Prove It." :)

Have a good day. ...Marsha