Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm going to Nashville!

I hope you aren't sick of vacation pictures because I have a few days worth yet! :)
While we were seeing Andy, we knew we wanted to take one day and go to Nashville, since it's about an hour from Andy's base. We decided that Wednesday was the day to go because he was having a short day of in-processing and would be able to go with us.

Here's a view as we approached the city.


There is a show on the History Channel that we enjoy watching called American Pickers. It's about a couple of guys who travel around the countryside, stopping at barns, garages, basements... to see peoples stuff, hear their stories and buy old things. They restore them and then sell them.
One of the guys has opened a store in Nashville, called Antique Archeology, where he sells some of the things from the show.
We decided that if we were going to Nashville, we wanted to stop there.

The store is located in an old factory called Marathon Automobiles. I love seeing old buildings and this was a pretty neat one.

How do you like this sign painted on the brick?

This old sign was outside the front door.

Nice old windows too...

When you go in the front door you are greeted with all kinds of old things. This building has beautiful wood floors and brick walls.

This old bike is a beauty!

And so is this one!
We had fun wandering around, but didn't find anything to buy in our price range. :)

We aren't big country music fans, but we knew that when in Nashville, you have to stop at the Grand Ole Opry.
And here it is!

The front entry is beautiful! We didn't do the tour because we had other plans but at least we could say we were there.

Here's Andy near the Opry building. I'm not sure what he was doing!
We left the Opry for another spot that we really enjoyed, and I'll show you that on Monday.


Anonymous said...

My husband is a big fan of Pickers and I occasionally remember to watch also! I will share your blog with him. Cute pic of Andy - maybe he was singing a good country song in that photo!!!

Enjoy your weekend.

Karin said...

We love watching the American Pickers! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!!

Nancy said...

Thanks for letting us go on the tour with you....Very interesting....

Glenda said...

I'd love visit the antique store! I've watched the show a few times with my brother. So glad you had a good time with your son!

Karen said...

I've not been to Nashville, so it is nice to get to 'see' it with you. How fun for you to visit the store!

Connie said...

Ken & I like to watch American Pickers too. Thanks for sharing your pictures.


Long ago, we just drove thru Nashville, not stopping [we were on a schedule to be somewhere of which I can't remember now] ---and I'd love to go back sometime and actually SEE the GRAND OLE Opry!!! [did is show any flood damage?]

Loved viewing the building and all the antiques. I think I'd like that bike. Wonder if I could actually ride it. On second thought, wonder if I could even get UP on it?!!

Darla said...

thanks for sharing! these are great photos, I loved visiting Nashville too, I hope to go back one day.

Brooke said...

jay randomly feels the need to have his picture taken standing in front of something like that with his arms up too. must be a guy thing. :P

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

LOVE all the pictures Mari. Thanks for sharing!

Sharon said...

My hubs watching that show all of the time.
Love all of your photos and hope to see more.
Have a great time with your son and have a safe trip home.

Sue O said...

I don't know how people used to ride those penny-farthing bikes. It's a complete mystery to me.
And we LOVE country music, here at the Osborne house!

Pat said...

I love going on vacation with you and your family!
There is so much of America I'd like to see, doubt if I will though so it's fun to see it though photos like yours.
One of my kids did the Opry building tour, they were very disappointed with the tour. Maybe you saved yourself some money, or maybe they just had a bad tour guide!
Can't wait for more pictures!!

Cindy said...

We also love that show! so neat to see all of those old things!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

In 4 weeks, we'll be driving through Nashville. Since we'll be in a huge hurry to get to the beach, I don't imagine that we'll stop. We spent a weekend in Nashville many years ago - to see the Blues play the Predators. I'd like to plan another such weekend and see some of what we didn't get to see the first time around. ;-)

Shelly said...

What a great trip! I want to go to Nashville! You lucky duck!

I love your stories and your photos!

Jenny the Pirate said...

I think Andy was feeling the country vibe! I love Nashville. Great place to visit and go out to eat, et cetera! I too love the painted brick and I would have enjoyed going through the old stuff with you, Mari!

Justabeachkat said...

Hi sweet friend!

I finally found some time tonight to play "catch up" on some blog reading.

Loved seeing your photos of Nashville. Did you know we used to live there? Yep, for almost 7 years. LOVED it. Our son, daughter-in-love and 3 of our grandchildren live there now. Actually not to far from Belle Meade.