Sunday, August 9, 2009

What a storm!

It was a wild night here! It was very hot and humid all day and around 6:30 a huge storm came in. We had winds of 60 mph, hail, torrential rains and it sounds like lots of trees down. Our power went out and stayed out till a little before 11.
We spent the night reading by candlelight.

I also want to share an opportunity with you. Friends of ours are helping with the start up of a ministry called the Ebenezer Training Center in Haiti. This center will be training Haitian pastors and teaching them them to read. Many of the pastors there are illiterate and can't read the Bible, but are leading churches. They already have a building donated to them and are now raising funds to run this. Right now someone has offered to match any funds donated up to $1000. Anything donated is tax deductible. Thanks!


Heart2Heart said...


So glad that you are ok, in the midst of the storm you just described. WOW! I bet you were questioning if you weren't really in Kansas!

I love the idea you have about the fundraising efforts you are doing. Have you reached out to your local church as well to see if they can add something in the church bulletin? The more the word gets out the more help that will be coming your way.

I will lift this need up in prayer and I know God will make this possible.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kayren said...

Well, the storms you had came this way...but I'm not sure we had any trees down. At least there weren't any directly around us, and I'm not sure we were up to 60 mph, although the wind was whipping really good. Our power flickered off just long enough to mess everything up before it came back on. We were fortunate.

I'll have to check out this ministry. Thanks for sharing about it.

Bonnie said...

Hope the damage to your trees is minimal ! The night reading by candlelight sounds lovely though !

Hootin' Anni said...

How generous of you to post this about the Haitian Pastors. Tho I truly feel you don't need to read the Bible to preach beliefs...this is just outstanding Mari.

And.....your storm sounds heavenly if I may say so. I'd go for no power if we'd only get some RAIN!!!! LOL

Have a terrific Monday.

Debbie said...

I am relieved to hear that you are OK. That sounds like one bad storm.

Kathy said...

I keep a little flashlight in the drawer by the bed "just in case" we should ever have a power outage here in Phoenix due to storms....just in case, some day!!! : ) I can only hope. I love a good storm. I will say the 60 MPH winds would've given me cause for a small concern anyway.

I think it's wonderful that you're helping to raise money for the training of Haitian Pastors. There are times when people really do need help financing their training, and in Haiti I would say that would be many if not most of the time. Blessings Mari.

Brenda said...

Thanks Mari for sharing this opportunity on your blog. If they want to know more about Ebenezer they can email us at and they can check out The website is just getting going so not a ton on their yet. They can also check out and click on Ebenezer.

Pug1 said...

Reading by nice! cheers! Michele

Aspiemom said...

Glad you are okay. There is no way I could read by candlelight - what a killer on the eyes!

I'd listen to my MP3, instead! I always have some Nancy Leigh DeMoss and James Dobson and such on there!

Crown of Beauty said...

Hope you experienced no damage because of the sudden storm. Sometimes a power outage is good... makes the world around us go silent as all the white noise (electrical hums and buzzes) go off.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments.

I'm packing my bags again in a while (now nearly midnight here) as my flight back to Bacolod CIty is tomorrow morning.

betty said...

that did sound like a wild storm! I bet reading by candlelight was fun though!

good luck with your fund raising goals; it sounds like a good project; so many worthy ones out there, all with spreading the great news of Jesus; I wish I could help out with all that were there, but financially can't a lot of times


Grandma Elsie said...

isn't it amazing how one has the peace of God during "all kind of life's storms " and dark times !
Wish I could help you worthy cause but being a widow I am not financial able . have prayed for it so I give what I can.
Elsie <><

septembermom said...

Mari, so glad that you're o.k. after that big storm. Those can be scary. How wonderful that you are helping out with such a worthy cause. I'm check it out.

Mary said...


I agree with Anni. It was a very generous gesture for you to post about the Haitian pastors. I will pray for success.

We had three separate storm fronts move through here yesterday with torrential rain...the first in the afternoon when trees were blown over and uprooted in the west part of the city...then again around 6:30pm. From then on thunder rolled continuously until about 10pm when we had another torrential downpour. We did lose power in the afternoon, but only for a few minutes. Bad storms though.

Hope they're over for a few days. This summer has been unusally cool and wet until now when it's hot, humid and wet. lol

Have a great week.

Connie said...

We had a bad storm to by us - a tree down on the power line - no electricity - to bed early. No air - poor me! How we miss those comforts!

Pat said...

We had some prety good rain, but nothing that did any damage. I hate to lose power, you never know how long it will take to get it restored, at least around here!
This cause sounds very worth while, and this is a great way to get the news out. No one is being put on the spot to give, but the opportunity is there. Wonderful!!

Rebekah said...

I love stormy nights. glad you got your power back though- cuz that always stinks.